Cozy in Asthma

It had been haunting me for an extended time. May not completely cured. But entirely kept under control. Yes. With proper care and regular medication, asthma can be as comfortable as ever. All things can done. Reach the highest peaks in life. However, owning one is still not beyond the average person—many myths. About 24 […]

Home Remedies for Pigmentation

PIGMENTATION Pigmentation is becoming a common problem. Whether from blemishes, sun damage, freckle, skin rashes are a common problem today. Small brown spots on the cheeks or nose can be a real problem if not appropriately addressed. Hyperpigmentation is less painful. If this type of blockage occurs to poor skin care, you will need to […]


Not everyone with corona infection needs hospitalities for treatment. 80% of corona victims can continue treatment at home without fear. Depending on the symptoms, their severity, and the stage of health, Doctors are treating people with infection based on a protocol prescribed by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). 80% of corona victims can […]

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