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It had been haunting me for an extended time. May not completely cured. But entirely kept under control. Yes. With proper care and regular medication, asthma can be as comfortable as ever. All things can done. Reach the highest peaks in life. However, owning one is still not beyond the average person—many myths. About 24 crore people worldwide have asthma. 12-13% of them are us. Not only that. It is even more sad that 42% of the people who die of asthma are from us. This is evidence that we are failing to control asthma despite the availability of effective medications.

This is due to the inability to diagnose the problem correctly, mistaking it for other issues, not taking proper treatment, and unfounded suspicions about inhalers. That is why World Asthma Day urges people to raise awareness about asthma. This suggests that asthma entirely cured by analyzing the symptoms, identifying the triggers for the allergy, assessing the severity of the problem and changing the treatments as needed.


Asthma is a chronic respiratory problem. Primarily a problem with the airways in the lungs. It is natural for anyone to cough when going to dusty areas. In fact, the body attempts to push out harmful substances. However, for people with asthma (atopy), such conditions can be devastating. Balloons overreact to allergens, such as when exposed to dust. This is the source of asthma. Does the air we breathe come in and out of the lungs through the trachea? This trachea splits in two from the top and again splits into smaller tubes that carry air into the tiny air sacs. The smooth muscle around the air ducts plays a crucial role in regulating airflow.


When the muscle relaxes, the tubes open and contract if not tightened, also the cells in the adhesive inside the tubes produce a thick fluid. This protects the tubes from drying out and dirt from entering the lungs. On the other pointer, the immune system is always on the lookout for bacteria and viruses. These can lead to problems wherever their function is chaotic. In people with asthma, the immune system overreacts when allergens infect the airways. This causes an inflammatory process. The result is that the walls of the balloons swell and the inner path narrows. Glue production is high it entangled inside. Not only that .

Mast cells that are part of the immune system release a chemical ==histamine. It causes the powers of the airways to contract. This makes it hard to inhale in and out. Cough, fatigue, and catarrh all begin. Some may have similar symptoms for a while. If you do not take medication, you will harassed for hours. If the problem is too severe, it can be fatal. So raising awareness of asthma is essential.

Where are the allergens?

Allergens can be anywhere. Dust, pollen, pollution, viral infections, and climate change can all cause allergies. Pet dander, fluffy toys, carpet dust, damp fungus, Insects such as cockroaches, bark beetles, laundry soaps, preservatives used in food storage, incense sticks, mosquito nets, cigarette smoke, certain medications such as aspirin, and stress can all trigger asthama.


Spirometry: This is a standard test for the diagnosis of asthma. This involves holding the breath tightly and blowing strongly into the spirometer tube.

Asthma is when the spine moves less than the prescribed dose. that is also done several times over 24 hours.

Bronchial provocative test: Some people may not have problems with spirometry and peak flow meter tests in the early stages of asthma. They tested for allergens (Histamine Challenge).

Skin prick test: This involves inserting allergens into the skin and identifying what the allergen is.

X-ray: It helps to know if there are any other problems like tuberculosis, septicemia, pneumonia, cancer.

Blood test: There are two types of asthma, allergic and non-allergic. Increased number of eosinophil cells in allergic asthma. So it is useful to know this.

IGE test: This reveals antibody levels called ‘immunoglobulin E’.

Do not want myths about inhalers

The dosage of the drug in the inhaler is in micrograms. These act directly on the trachea. Bring immediate relief. There are no side effects either. But 40% of us do not know how to use the inhaler correctly. Inhaler medications are the mainstay of treatment for asthma. It is not appropriate to put myths and fears on these.

None of this is true. In fact, the first asthma treatment is an inhaler.

* Another fear is that once the inhaler medicine is started, The medications used in the inhaler are not narcotics. None of this leads to addiction. So fears don’t matter.

Another view is that the cost of inhalers is high. The price is incalculable compared to the combined benefits. You can buy an inhaler for ten years at the expense of controlling your asthma or being hospitalized!

* The inhaler should be carried along even when going out.

* Those who develop asthma while exercising should take inhaler medication in advance. Exercise should be increased gradually.

Prevention is best

Asthma cannot be cured entirely. The only way is to control it. This can certainly be achieved with a few precautions. It is essential to recognize and avoid allergens

*Make sure not to go to dusty areas as much as possible. If you go, tie a handkerchief around your nose and mouth. Wear a mask if possible.

* Stay at home for a more time so the house should be kept it lean.

Do not use mosquito nets.

It is better to clean the floor by wiping it with a cloth without spraying it with a broom.

Pillow covers and blankets should be cleaned regularly. These should be kept in the sun once a week.

Make sure the walls do not get wet.

Make sure there are no insects like cockroaches.

If there are any other problems besides asthma, they should be treated.

Yoga, meditation is excellent. These can reduce stress.

* Asthma attacks are more likely to be caused by viral infections. So the flu and pneumonia vaccine should be taken as a matter of course.

Success is possible!

Many people have reached high positions despite suffering from asthma. About 58 of the athletes who competed in the 1994 Olympics had asthma! Twenty-six of them won gold medals. So there is nothing to fear from asthma. Adequately covered, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions. Climb the peaks of victory.

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Who gets it?

It is difficult to say for sure who gets asthma. Various factors contribute to this. In some, it seems hereditary. Up to 70% of their children can have asthma if both parents have it. Up to 30% of children can have asthma if one of the two suffers from asthama. It should be noted that the threat is up to 6% even if both parents are absent. As well as other allergy problems such as the runny nose and skin allergies, overweight can also be a risk factor.

Basically four features

Asthma mainly has symptoms such as cough, fatigue, catarrh, and chest heaviness. But not everyone wants to have all of these. Some may have only one or two symptoms. For some, it may come and go frequently. some, it may seem especially at certain times. For some, it may always be harassing. Some people may have asthma without cats. This is called a ‘silent chest’.

Treatment – Medications

In asthma, the symptoms are not exacerbated by the effects of allergens.

Relievers: Bronchodilators. These provide immediate relief when symptoms are exacerbated. These include long-acting medications. The guidelines say to give long-acting relievers even when asthma seems to be heightened. Regular asthma can be controlled with these.

Preventers: These prevent allergies and inflammation in the airways. Prevents the onset of frequent asthma. These should be taken for a long time even if there are no asthma symptoms. They are very helpful in controlling asthma.

Both relievers and preventers are in the form of inhalers. Both drugs are now available in a single inhaler form. It helps to keep asthma under control for a long time.

* Immunotherapy: This involves injecting allergens directly into the camel in the form of an injection or orally. This causes the camel to produce antibodies to them. These protect against allergic reactions if exposed to such allergens in the past. It is beneficial for those who have one or two allergens.

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New treatments

Ninety-five inhalers with inhalers alone show good results. But for a few, asthma may not get under control. Symptoms are always high and can be embarrassing for everyday tasks. May often require hospitalization. New drugs and treatments can be helpful for such people. If not, these are expensive.

Biologicals: When an allergy is triggered, the IgE antibody attaches to the mast cell and releases histamine. This can increase the symptoms of asthma. Biologists like Omalizumab are very useful for such people. These are in the form of injections and should be given twice a month for six months. Doses that inhibit the IL5 antibody may be useful if the eosinophil cells are enormous.

Bronchial thermoplasty: This involves applying a fixed dose of heat to the bronchial wall muscle. This causes the tissue to thin and the path to widen. This has to be done a total of three times over three months.

Do not stop in the middle The mistake that can quickly get your claim denied is to fail. Asthma is not cured when the symptoms subside. Inflammation of the airways is a continuous process. This can lead to asthma at any time. So it is not advisable to skip inhaler medications in the middle. Some have to use them for the rest of their lives. Some people may stop taking medicine if they do not have symptoms for a few years. Prolonged if symptoms reappear within a month after stopping the medication Should

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