Benefits Of Breast Milk

breast milk

Breast milk:

Mother Paley is the foundation of our health! They are the first nourishment, the first protection. Breast milk feeding alone provides all the nutrients the body needs to grow faster after birth and protect against infections. These protect not only the baby but also the mother from getting sick in the future. Let’s once again learn the importance of breast milk feeding during Mother’s Week.

breast milk

* Breast milk contains naturally occurring antibodies. These strengthen the immune system. They have the power to fight viruses and bacteria. Breastfeeding in the first hour can save the lives of about 10 million babies a year. However, two out of every three mothers in our country do not breastfeed in the first hour!

* Asthma and allergies are less common in breastfed babies. Fully breastfed infants with Arnella have a 72% lower risk of respiratory infection in the first year. Ear infections and watery diarrhoea are sporadic. The number of people circulating around hospitals is declining. Childhood diabetes is decrease by up to 30%

* Some studies suggest that breastfed babies become mentally handicapped during adolescence.

* Babies look into the mother’s eyes while drinking milk, the attachment between the two is due to physical contact. The feeling of being in the care of the mother gives the baby a lot of courage.

* Breastfed babies gain good weight. Ob arrears are less likely. The risk of certain types of cancer is low.

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Absolute Nutrition:

* Breast milk contains all the vitamins, proteins and fats that a baby needs to grow. This gives the baby complete nutrition. Breastfeeding is easily digested. Then can given from time to time. No problems like bottle cleaning and changing the milk like cast milk. Not a waste of time and money.

* Do not doubt that milk is enough for the baby. Up to Arnella should take enough milk for the baby’s needs. If the baby usually grows from month to month, sleeps comfortably, and urinates six times a day, milk will suffice.

* Do not assume that the mucus is indigestion and indigestion in children. Take care of baby is born. It’s like the first vaccine for a baby! The mother should start breastfeeding as possible. Breastfeeding should started within the first hour even after a cesarean.

* Do not give any drink except breast milk until the first six months. Breastfeeding provides enough water for the baby, regardless of the weather. So do not try to drink water specifically as it will make the baby thirsty.

Baby caring

* Do not be fooled into believing that milk powder available in the market more nutrients. There is no substitute for breastfeeding. Cow’s milk has no antibodies, no cells, no hormones, no enzymes. The nutrients also varies.

* Do not expect to take milk if you are upset. No need to cry all the time for baby milk. Squeezing sounds, biting the lips, rubbing the mouth with the nostrils, doing soft squalls like rolling the eyes fast, moving as if irritated are all attempts to drink milk. If you notice something like this,. Mothers who go to work can take milk at home. Milk powder can stored in the office.

* It is not advisable to stop in the middle as milk is not available. Remember that milk will come if it falls and not if it is not caught. Even those who have stopped breastfeeding will get milk again if they start again.

Very Good For Mom:

* Breastfeeding mothers burn more calories. This allows you to reduce the weight gained during pregnancy quickly. The hormone oxytocin, which is released during lactation, helps the uterus to recover and reduce postpartum haemorrhage.

* Breastfeeding mothers have a 28% lower risk of breast cancer. Reduces ovarian cancer and bone loss. Researchers have found that breastfeeding mothers have a 50% lower risk of developing arthritis. They also have decrease anxiety.

* Those who breastfeed for 12-24 months are 19% less likely to have high blood cholesterol.

* They have an 11% lower risk of high blood pressure and a 10% lower risk of heart disease. The risk of developing diabetes is 26% lower.

Mother’s Breast Milk Is Good:

Can a baby infected with the coronavirus through breastfeeding? Or not? Not sure about that. Some studies claim that the virus is not contagious. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that breastfeeding should not discontinued even if the mother or baby is suspected of having symptoms of corona virus. The benefits of breast feeding are better than the risk of contracting the virus. If not, proper care should taken while breast feeding.

* Rub hands thoroughly with soap and wash thoroughly before touching the baby. If soap and water are not available, a sanitizer should be prescribed.

Mask should worn while milking.

* If you are squeezing milk by hand or by the pump, wash your hands with clean soap before touching the milk bottle. Wear a mask.

* If the corona is severe and the baby is unable to breastfeed, milk powder can be mixed with others. If that is not possible, mother should start breastfeeding as soon as the disease subsides. If the milk stops flowing, the baby will come in regularly if the mother is breastfeeding.

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