Follow These Tips For The Corona Period

Corona virus

When the corona virus spreads around the world, all countries imposed a lockdown and ordered people to be confined to their homes. But how many can keep it that way? That’s why the Corona is spreading .. Unlocking people’s lives to normalize. People are also coming out to do things. There are hopes for the vaccine .. I can not say when it will be available. So there are some tips to follow to live usually even in corona conditions. Here are ten essential tips that experts are saying ..!

Come Out Of The House         

If there is no proper ventilation in the house, the air supply will not be appropriate. Also, the social distance may not be adhered to. That is why the Corona is more likely to spread indoors than outdoors. So try to stay on the premises of the house rather than at home as much as possible.

Stand In The Sunlight

We learned as a child that standing in the sun in the morning gives vitamin’ D’. Everyone knows that vitamin D plays an essential role in keeping a person healthy. However, the Journal of Infectious Diseases states that the sun’s rays freeze the action of the corona virus. This means that there are two benefits to standing in the sun.

Do Not Use AC

The corona virus that comes out through sneezing in the mouth stays in the air for a while. Anyone who inhales that air is at risk of contracting the Corona. Especially the air coming through the AC moves fast. This increases the chances of the corona virus spreading from one person to another. So avoid using ACs as much as possible.

Wear A Mask

That’s what Corona has been saying since the outbreak. Wearing a mask is a must in the current circumstances if we want to protect ourselves from the Corona. Sure to use a mask when working out. Could you not assume it’s 24/7? Remove masks in an area where there is no one around. There is no chance of corona infection. Prolonged wearing of the cover can cause difficulty in breathing.

Keep Car Windows Open

Keep windows open when travelling in a car. It is not enough to wear a mask when we go out. If the car windows are closed there will be no air supply—an accident with AC. So keep the car windows open.

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Wear Goggles Or A Face Shield If Possible

No matter how we get the coronavirus .. it enters the body through the mouth, nose and eyes. So do not try to touch them without cleaning your hands. Our hands affect those organs without our involvement. So make it a habit to wear glasses or a face shield to prevent this. Not a strict rule though.. but it should be safe.

Avoid Buying Air Travel

All countries have closed flights since Corona arrived. Currently, there is a facility for air travel. A lot of people are flying with this. The strangers sit next to each other. Sneezing and coughing should be suspected. If they have a corona infection, you are more likely to spread it. If you do not have such a headache, do not fly for years.

Do Not Share Food

Now all the employees are going to the offices. However, on regular days, during lunch, everyone eats together and shares recipes. But don’t do that now. It is best not to share your food with others. Most people do not have symptoms of the coronavirus. The virus can spread to any of your coworkers to share food with you.

Wash Hands Thoroughly

Washing hands thoroughly is the first rule of hygiene. It’s okay not to wash your hands until then. But now if you touch anything .. then you should wash your hands with sanitizer or soap. Otherwise, there is a risk that the coronavirus in the hands will enter the body through our nose, mouth and eyes.

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Keep Up The Physical Distance

Everyone from the WHO to medical professionals is told to keep a physical distance of at least six feet from the Corona to prevent infection from one person to another. There is no additional method than this to capture the Corona. Vaccine. It is advisable to follow the social distance until the drugs are fully available.

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