Natural Tips for Glowing Skin Tone


Every girl wants her skin tone colour to be right. For this, we do not need to go to the parlour and do the special treatment. Make some face packs at home and use them to make your skin look brighter

1. Coconut Oil and Honey

Both are very important when it comes to skincare. Generations before us also used to change the skin is beautifully. Hydroxyl acid in honey and other enzymes reduces the appearance of acne scars on the skin tone and improves skin tone. Makes skin cells healthy. These protect the skin from darker shades and wrinkles. It also improves skin glowing.

Add a tablespoon of honey and coconut oil in a bowl and mix well. Apply this mixture to the face. Rinse with lukewarm water after five to ten minutes for best results.

2. Aloe Vera, Turmeric And Rose Water

If you want your skin tone to look beautiful, youthful and radiant, you should wear a face pack made with these three ingredients. It nurtures the skin and types it looks bright.

In a wood add one teaspoon of aloevera paste, two teaspoons of rose water and one teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix well.Rinse with water after 25 to 30 minutes.
3. Orange and Turmeric

The lotus fruit is citrus fruit. It is high in vitamin E. It nourishes the skin and makes it glow beautifully. Over Orange acts as a natural bleaching agent. It makes the skin brighter. Applying a face pack with yellow in orange fruit makes the skin look beautiful and healthy. However, if you use this face pack before going to bed at night, you will see a better result.
Mix half a tablespoon of turmeric powder in two tablespoons of orange juice in a bowl to get this result. Apply this mixture on the face before going to bed at night. Remove the pack and cleanse the skin as soon as you wake up the next morning.

4. Besan, Milk and Honey

All three substances have naturally occurring exfoliating properties. These control the release of oils from the skin glands. They also provide essential nutrients to the skin cells. Hydrate the skin and give a natural glow.Take a teaspoon of peanut butter, half a cup of milk and a scoop of honey in a bowl and mix well. Apply this mixture to the face. Let the cover dry for 20 to 30 actions. Please do not touch it at this time. It is sufficient to wash with lukewarm water using mild soap after the allotted time.

5. Papaya and Yogurt

Papain, an enzyme found in papaya, improves and brightens tone. It makes the scars on the face blend in with the colour. Yoghurt has nothing to do with brightening. Applying a combination of the two as a face mask gives even better results.
Cut the papaya into small pieces and place in a mixer. Then add tablespoon of yoghurt, turn on the mix and make paste. Apply this mixture to the face as a mask and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Then rinse your face with cool water.

Homemade anti-ageing Face Packs

It is natural for the to lose its lustre with age. On the skin and loses its tightness and becomes loose. To prevent this from happening .. some precautions need to be taken. Anti-ageing products are now widely available in the market, however, despite the benefits of using these . Side effects are more likely to come. So it is better to wear anti-ageing face masks at home instead.
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1. Egg white

Egg whites are rich in omega-three fatty acids. These nourish the skin and prevent wrinkles. White egg yolk also contains other essential nutrients for the skin.
To get this result provided by the egg . Add a little milk cream in the egg white, a few drops of lemon juice. Apply it on the face and solution off with cold water after 15 minutes. Apply this face pack two or three times a week for best results

2. Banana, Rose Water, Honey And Yogurt

Bananas are rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin E. These nourish the skin and prevent wrinkles. Rosewater blends into the skin colour on the face. 

Take a well-finished banana and cut it into small pieces. Add rose water, honey and yoghurt to a teaspoon and make a smooth paste with the help of a blender. Apply this mixture on the face and rinse off with cold water after 20 minutes

3. Potato

Potatoes are high in vitamin C. It promotes the production of essential collagen for the youth of the skin. This prevents the skin from sagging. a result, the does not wrinkle.
Slice the potatoes and make a fluffy paste in the mixer. Place on a thin cloth and separate the flour and juice well. Dip cotton wool in potato juice and apply on face and neck. After quarter of hour, it is enough to wash with cold water. should not added when removing potato juice.

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4. Sugarcane Juice

Relieve summer heat with sugar cane juice. It is not only maintaining good health but also improving It contains glycolic acid. It always keeps the skin youthful.

In three tablespoons of sugarcane juice . Add a yellow spoon and apply on the face. After ten minutes, rinse your face with lukewarm water to lighten the complexions
5. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These protect the health of the skin. This makes the look younger for longer.

Dip cotton wool in coconut milk and rub on face and neck. A good result can be seen by rinsing with cold water after 15 minutes.

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