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You care a lot about your arms and nails, but your armpits still deprive of love. If so, they have likely darkened over time. The discolouration of the armpits causes enough embarrassment while sleeveless clothing is flaunting on scorching summer days. You can get free of it by selecting the right armpit whitening product. Here is everything you need to know about dark armpits and the best armpit lightening products:

Causes of Discolouration of the Armpit

The development of dark armpits is a prevalent problem that several factors can contribute. Some of the most common reasons for armpit discolouration are listed below:

Frequent shaving with a razor

Accumulation of dead cells

Excessive use of deodorants and antiperspirants

Hormonal imbalances caused by certain drugs

Friction and irritation from tight clothing or loose skin


Say goodbye to dark armpits!

Is Armpit Lightening Safe?

Bleaching with natural ingredients is perfect. However, avoid skin lightening and lightening agents like ammonia and hydroquinone (no more than 2%) when using over-the-counter products. Frequent bleaching can lead to pigmentation and cause dark armpits.

How to Prevent Underarm Discolouration

Prevention is better than cure. So if you don’t need to develop dark armpits just yet, try to prevent them from discolouring in the future. There are several easy ways to avoid dark armpits. Let’s look at these (1):

1. Say “NO” to shave. Better to try other hair removal methods, such as B. Waxing or laser treatment of your forearms. These remove strands of hair from their roots, reducing the frequency of epilation and greatly reducing the dark appearance.

2. Keep your forearms clean by regularly wiping off dirt, oil, and grime. However, make sure you don’t use soaps that contain harsh chemicals, as they will cause darkness.

3. Exfoliate your underarms frequently to keep them free of dead skin cells. Exfoliating at least three times a week is recommended for best results.

4. Try some natural remedies to keep your sweat in check.

5. Replace your tight outfits with loose, breathable ones.

Tip – Can toothpaste lighten dark armpits?


Yes, toothpaste has whitening properties and can be used to whiten underarms. Use only white toothpaste and avoid coloured toothpaste as it may contain chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin.

Selection of underarm whitening products

The market is full of synthetic whitening products that claim to be effective in whitening, lightening and lightening underarms. However, long-term use of a chemical-laden product does not recommend at all. Therefore, you should go through the list of ingredients used in a product or consult your dermatologist before choosing the right solution for your dark underarms. Try to choose something that contains natural bleach ingredients and no more than 2% hydroquinone. Also, be very careful with the ingredients in your armpit skin lightening product if you have sensitive skin.

Tip – Why did my armpits turn dark during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the armpit becomes darker due to hyperpigmentation. However, after childbirth, the tone returns to normal. (2)

Best Armpit whitening products

1. Qraa Dark Underarm Whitening Cream

White Cream

Qraa Dark Underarm Whitening Cream

The Qraa Dark Underarm Whitening Cream is filled with natural extracts like licorice, lemon oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil and kojic acid and is one of the creams. The cheapest on the market. Its unique formula treats the cause of the dark by dipping the production of melanin. It is also useful in giving dark spots, pimples, and rashes. The product is entirely natural and free from parabens, colouring agents and artificial fragrances. The product is said to produce visible results within ten days of its use.

2. Dot & Key Underarm Detox and Color Correction Mask

Dot & Key Underarm Detox & Color Correction Cover is supplement with the benefits of charcoal, jojoba and tea tree oils. Once applied, the mask removes dead skin and blemishes, making your skin more radiant and cleaner. The formula of the calcium-vitamin complex makes the skin smoother and softer.

3. Tjori Armpit lightening pack

Underarm Skin Lightening Pack offers the natural benefits of Ayurveda. This product is said to lighten and brighten underarm skin by absorbing toxins and minimizing skin pigmentation. The work consists of ingredients such as aqua, kaolin clay, complete earth, glycerin, papaya extracts, lemon juice, orange. Kaolin clay acts as a pigment reducing agent, and Fuller Earth absorbs excess oil and provides much-needed freshness. Lemon and orange juice enriched with antioxidant properties that work as bleaching agents, removing dead skin and brightening skin tone over time.

4. Bella Vita Bio Deodorant White Deodorant


Bella Vita Bio Deodorant White Lotion. This skin lifting product comes in the form of deodorant. In addition to lightening dark underarms, the product is also design to keep you cool throughout the day. Bella Vita Organic White Deodorant is enriched with cucumber extracts, comfrey extracts, castor oil, coconut oil and essential oils and contains antibacterial and skin lightening properties. Coconut oil, with its moisturizing properties, acts as a brightener, while cucumber extracts minimize pigmentation and hydrate dry, dead skin. The product suggests for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Is laser underarm lightening effective?

Type of laser dealing use to treat dusky armpits caused by pigmentation. This procedure uses a Q-switched laser beam (a high-intensity non-invasive laser beam) to treat the affected parts. The best portion of the treatment is that it is non-invasive, and you can see visible results in just a few sessions. Also, the treatment is without the downtime and causes no side effects or discomfort.

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5. SANCTUS Armpit whitening and sweat reduction cream

SANCTUS armpit whitening and sweat decrease ointment. Underarm whitening and sweat decrease cream is a non-oily cream to treat dark armpit and black spots. Its non-oily composition helps the cream to absorb more quickly. The cream controls melanin deposits and thus dramatically reduces the darkness and uneven skin tone. It also combats body odour caused by sweat and can be applied to the knees, thighs and elbows in addition to the armpit area.

6. Bare Body Essentials armpit cream

Bare Body Essentials armpit cream. The Bare Body Essentials Underarm Cream contains glycolic acid and vitamin E. While glycolic acid acts as an exfoliant and removes dead skin, making the skin tone lighter, vitamin E enriches dull and dry skin. Not only does this ointment remove dark spots and rashes, but it also makes your skin tone uneven.

7. Cosderma axillary kojic acid

Cosderma armpit kojic acid. This high priced product comes in the form of a peel. According to the company, it can treat dark armpits, tanning of the skin, and excess oil production. The product is free from parabens and can be used to exfoliate, moisturize and care for the skin. The product can lighten the skin tone by 3-4 shades in 4-6 weeks. Also, this product can safely apply to sensitive parts of the body.

8. Liva Litearm Under Arm Lotion

Arm Lotion is recommended for normal, dry combination skin and removes dead skin and brightens dark forearms effectively. The lotion also treats skin problems such as rashes and dark spots.

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