How to Reduce Dandruff


How embarrassing it would to see a white chalk piece dry material on the shoulders while wearing a beautiful black dress same dandruff. Many people have this problem due to genetic or climatic factors. Excessive oil on the scalp. This problem caused by the accumulation of fungus in those places. 

What are the symptoms of dandruff?

Do you have a very itchy head? Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally? Is white chalk powder-like substance falling out of your head? The same dandruff. There are different types of dandruff. Some appear small in white others appear large in slightly yellow.

Causes Of Dandruff

1. Oily Skin

The leading cause of dandruff on the head is oily skin. Excess oil on the scalp can lead to fungus and dandruff. It is more common in oily areas.

2. Weather
Dust and dirt usually reach the head due to pollution in the atmosphere. This dust, along with the oils produced on the scalp, can cause fungus to grow if not bathed frequently. This starts the it problem.

3. Food

If there are more oils and dairy products in the food we eat, our skin will also release more oils. It also causes it growth.

4. Stress

Most of the problems we face come from stress. it is one of them. This stress can make skin problems worse. The head is often itchy due to stress. When we draw it, we have a chance of getting dandruff.

5. Alkaline Based Shampoo

The use of alkaline shampoos can change the pH levels of the scalp and increase the chances of it . Not only that . Shampoos with a high percentage of oil can also cause this to happen.

6. Hair Washing Pattern

Combing the hair daily improves blood circulation in the head. If the hair not combed regularly, the hair will get tangled, and oil will grow on the scalp, and the dandruff problem will increase.

7. Not taking a bath

Frequent bathing will increase the oiliness of the scalp and prevent it.

That’s why you should take a bath at least twice a week.

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Myths About Dandruff

1. it Occurs Due To Dry Scalp

Most people who have it want to dry out. Hence their feeling that they have encountered a dandruff problem. But this doesn’t seem right. Dandruff occurs when too much oil produced in the head.

2. Dandruff Decreases With Oiling

It increases if the head is greasy. So putting oil on the head does not reduce the problem but exacerbates it. Rubbing well on the scalp also increases the risk of dandruff and itching.

3. Rinsing The Head Reduces Dandruff

Many people think that rubbing it on the scalp by hand or with a comb will altogether remove it. Their feeling is that rubbing like this and then taking a bath will reduce it. But there is a lot of demand in the market for such products if it can be reduced by doing so. This will reduce the dandruff and increase the itching.

4. Dandruff should be bathed less

It is also one of the most followed myths. Dandruff is less likely to occur because the scalp is less likely to dry out. But frequent bathing removes dirt and grime along with grease on the scalp. This keeps the chicken healthy. Reduces the chance of fungus. It is also less likely to cause it .

5. Avoid Hair Mask

These types of masks are very effective in removing fungus from the scalp. Exfoliating hair masks not only reduces dandruff but also promotes the growth of healthy skin cells on the scalp.

6. Relating With Hairstyle Products

Hair straighteners, curlers, blow dryers, and hair sprays can cause hair loss. However, these have nothing to do with dandruff. It is genetically predisposed to climate change. The food we eat also prevents it. And it has nothing to do with hairstyles.

7. Dandruff Is Not Related To Hair Growth

This is also the Apocalypse. The more dandruff there is, the more fungus will accumulate in the head. It can also lead to hair loss. Not only that .It causes more itching. The more we scratch our head, the more likely it is that our hair will weaken and fall out.

What is the effect of dandruff on skin and hair?

1. Dandruff hair becomes rough.

2. It can also start a little problem at the ends of the hair.

3. it makes the scalp greasy.

4. Male itching starts.

5. Makes hair fall out. Growth will also slow.

6. it hair falls out and becomes lifeless.

How To Avoid Dandruff

1. Use Medicated Shampoo 

This is what we need to when it starts. It is advisable to seek medical advice for this. If not, the label should read correctly. See if it contains substances such as pyrithione zinc, salicylic acid, keto kenazole, selenium sulfide. These substances inhibit the growth of dandruff.

2. Use Good Conditioner

A good conditioner will protect your head from drying out. Shampoo made with salicylic acid products removes grease on the scalp. However, it does dry the head. That is why this powder will decrease, and hair will grow healthier if you use a good conditioner.

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3. Avoid Hair Treatments

Most of us love hair colouring, straightening, ironing and curling. However, these can weaken the hair. Sensitive skin . Irritated with irritation. That is why you should try as much as possible to avoid using such things. Not once. But these should not be used too often.  Perfumes can also affect the scalp and cause dandruff. Bleach also has a significant effect on the skin. That is why it is better to keep these as far away as possible.

4. Reduce Stress

The chances of getting dandruff due to stress are very high. Stress affects our diet. It weakens our immune system. A lot of fungi grows in our head. Our immune system works to prevent this. Pressure should keep away from cutting the immune system. It would help if you reduced stress by taking short breaks in the middle of work, taking occasional excursions, listening to music you like and watching movies.

5. Use Coconut Oil

People with a lot of dandruff are usually told that applying oil will aggravate the problem. Coconut oil, however, is entirely different. Its antifungal properties protect the fungus from growing on the scalp. This oil has ketoconazole-like properties in antidandruff shampoos. It also reduces dandruff. That is why it is beneficial to massage with it an hour before bathing.

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