Causes of insomnia


Once upon a time when it dark people ate and slept comfortably. But, sleep time has changed over time. Due to modern night culture, occupations and habits, most people now do not sleep after midnight. Sometimes wakes up suddenly while sleeping(insomnia). With this comes restful sleep. This problem was further exacerbated during this corona crisis. But why is that happening? Some researchers surveyed to find out why. A survey of 69,000 people from 22 countries had seven causes. Let’s look at.

Be careful with caffeine

At home. Most people in the office drink coffee and tea. The most commonly taken during daytime sleep apnea. The caffeine in them makes the man sleepy and energized. Caffeine is taken to get rid of drowsiness temporarily also affects on sleep time. 54.4% said they did not sleep because of coffee. So do not drink coffee before going to bed

Feeling lonely

Most people are haunted by loneliness while sleeping. 54% of those surveyed said they could not sleep. 38% of 18-24-year-olds report experiencing loneliness. Only 1% of those over 65 said they could not sleep due to loneliness.

Digital technology

According to the survey, 53.4 % of people say digital technology is the cause of insomnia. While having dinner and sleeping, most people watch their favourite shows and videos on their mobile and forget about falling asleep. Experts say waking up in the middle of a day can disrupt sleep when the eyes are tired and trying to lose sleep. That is why it is better to keep the mobile away before going to bed.

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Economic conditions

Usually, economic conditions bring mental stress to a person. In this corona, in the wake of the lockdown, many people have lost their jobs or are under severe psychological pressure on how to support their families. In this order, they are asleep. 49.8% of those surveyed said they could not sleep due to financial stress. Job security and financial difficulties at the age of 25-45 are the number one cause of insomnia.

Thought on illness

Anxiety means that the man is awake when he finds out that he is sick or that family members are suffering. They fear that the corona will get infected even if it is slightly damaged. 46.4% said they could not sleep because of this. The survey found that a similar trend was more prevalent among those over 35 years of age.

The news is causing

With digital technology, one can know the news in moments of what has happened in any corner of the world. 46.4 per cent said that all kinds of information like good, bad, true and false increase stress. This problem is especially prevalent in children aged 18-44.

Drinking alcohol does not make you sleepy

Many people mistakenly believe that drinking alcohol causes them to fall asleep. In fact, I could not sleep because of drinking alcohol. As if losing weight in that intoxication. There will be no restful sleep. According to the survey, 44.6 % of people have insomnia due to excessive alcohol consumption.

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What can you do about it?

There are a number of things you can try to get a good night’s sleep when you have insomnia.

These include:

• Establish a regular wake-up times.

• Relax before bed, Take a hot shower or listen to relaxing music

• Use thick curtains or blinds, an eye mask, and earplugs to prevent light and noise from waking you up.

• Don’t watch television or use a phone, tablet, or computer right before bed.

• Don’t take naps during the day

• Before going to bed, write down a list of your worries and ideas on how to resolve them so that you can forget about them in the morning.

Some people find over-the-counter sleeping pills helpful, but they don’t address the underlying problem and can have bothersome side effects.

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