Health Tips In Case Of Drinking Water


Health Tips One of the most important resources that a human being needs is water, which is a vital thing to take care of when it comes to drinking water.

If in the old days most people drank water from ponds, wells, pumps, then these tests

It is said it not done. The untrue nature and environment are polluted these days

The thing is also to remember. Do not forget that more than half of all physical ailments are caused by drinking contaminated water.

TDS Test. The device is available in online stores for Rs 400. TDS drinking water, from a minimum of 100 ppm to a maximum of 500 ppm. May be up to. Suppose TDS water is observed in 20-litre water cans. It should  famous that for the most part, it is less than 50 APM.

Diet Health Tips:

1. Drinking milk is a healthy habit, but drinking milk is not strictly recommended. White sesame seeds contain more calcium than milk. So we need to change our perception of milk.

2. Eating hot foods is definitely healthy. Children and adults do not like to consume large amounts of leafy vegetables. But, make sure to eat green vegetables at least three times a week. Especially the asparagus is perfect. If this habit is taught to our children, they run the risk of completely forgetting greens in the future.

3. Boiled peas, peanuts, peanuts etc. are perfect to give to children. Make sure these snacks are in their diet at least two days a week.

4. Sesame seeds, peanuts and lime (made with jaggery) should put three or four times a week.

5. All kinds of fruit snacks are available two or three times a week, depending on the season.

6. Add cashews, almonds and pistachios as snacks two or three times a week.

What not to eat:

1. Stop all of the packaged food. Keep children away from noodles, saffron, lace, bingo, packaged sweets, etc. Of these, chemicals that combine as preservatives are the most harmful.

2. Permanently keep children away from all words made with oils like puns expressions, keep children away from spices and frying ingredients.

3. Caution in the use of wood in the case of children, in general, We should reduce the use of timber in our food preparation

4. Many may be sceptical. After reading all this, it is wrong to know what is left to eat; there are many different types of foods like healthy. Giving up everything is not suitable for our health at all

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Essential things for adults to remember

1. It is better to eat three or four soaked almonds in the morning,

2. Make it a habit to do at least half an hour of yoga, meditation, and morning walks.

3. Every man needs at least 7 hours of deep sleep.

4. Salt consumption should significantly be reduced. Sea salt is perfect for use.

5. Avoid tea and coffee as much as possible. Copper is perfect for health.

6. For functions, if we have to eat when we go to other places, what are the comforts for us?

7. Take and eat more. It is better to refuse to eat outside as much as possible.

8. After bringing the vegetables and fruits from the market, add salt to lukewarm water and cook for 15 minutes

9. Keep. Then remove the water and rinse again. Washing again can remove many harmful chemicals.

10. Drinking water is a perfect habit. Drink at least five litres of water each day. Then cold water if possible

11. Warm water is ideal for health. Drink precisely one litre in the morning and one litre after an hour.

10. Eat before 7.00pm or exactly 8.00pm. Be sure to walk at least half an hour after eating

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Breakfast Health Tips:

1. Idli made with rice in the morning, should avoid bugs. Instead, eat sorghum, sliced ​​idli and bugs. Idli, Dosha Eat only once a week.

2. Bake the bugs with ghee delete the oil.

3. Boiled peas, peanuts, peanuts are excellent food.

4. Sprouted seeds are the healthiest.

5. Puri, Mysore Bonda etc. are not allowed once a month. If possible, keep their bags away

6. Eating chapati with ghee once or twice a week can also be carved.

 Lunch Health Tips

To get rid of polished rice completely. There is no other way. Another thought in this regard is also unnecessary.

If you can’t stay away from rice, keep in mind that only raw rice is left. Cereals are good fortifying aha

Copper, sorghum, Corra rice etc. are exceptionally healthy foods. Corrosive is the most nutritious food in the world

Take all kinds of vegetables for lunch. All can be cooked and eaten without oils.

Greens should be cooked three days a week. Strictly follow this

Health Tips

1. Eating two to three garlic flakes every morning and evening can lower blood pressure, stomach inflammation and worms.

2. Babies bite everything before the teeth come out, and the gums ache and cry. Peel a crush, grate it and squeeze the juice. Put it in the fridge for a while and give it to the baby. They also get the vitamin C they need.

3. Grape juice mixed with a little honey three times a day relieves coughs and colds.

4. Applying toothpaste to birthmarks not only reduces inflammation but also reduces injury quickly.

5. Drink a cup of carrot juice and lemon juice before meals to relieve nasal congestion.

6. Take coconut oil and lemon juice in equal proportions, mix well, heat a little and massage in the painful area to reduce joint pain.

7. To prevent kidney disease, mix two-thirds of cucumber juice with one-third of grapefruit juice and drink one cup in the morning and evening.

8. Spinach juice and pineapple juice is taken in equal proportions mixed with a little lemon juice reduces body heat.

9. Spinach and carrot juices are mixed and mixed in equal proportions at the rate of half a cup of energy three times a day.

10. Applying onion juice when stinging bees and wasps reduces swelling and pain.

11. If the soles of the feet are very red, apply gourd, ghee or pumpkin pulp for relief.

12. Combine a spoonful of honey with basil leaf juice and immediately reduce cold, sore throat and cough.

13. If it is a toothache, slapping the clove will reduce some of the toothaches.

What Practices Should Be Followed For Good Health?

1. Drink only filtered and chilled water.

2. Make sure your diet is high in fibre. Both non-vegetarian and vegetarian should be taken in moderation.

3. It is better not to eat Pippi when eating sweet potatoes, oranges fruits. Cook the vegetables without peeling.

4. Freshwater should be consumed more in summer. It is advisable to install a faucet at the bottom of the vessel without dipping the mirrors directly into the dish of freshwater. Is clean.

5. Avoid flies and insects on food items. Vegetables and fruits should be eaten only after washing with water.

6. A divine tip for various headaches Soak the shells in lemon juice for ten days, and they will dissolve. Putting juice on the head can relieve the headache. The hair also grows thicker.

7. People who have insomnia should drink coriander juice and sugar water before going to bed.

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