Stay Healthy and Flu-Free this Rainy Season

Rainy Season

Staying happy and healthy during this Rainy season takes more effort than you might think: we can’t just sing “The Rainy, the Rainy goes” to avoid the torrential downpours these days.

We must prepare and protect our health and that of our loved ones, work and school in full swing.

Here are several smart ways to stay dry, safe, and healthy now that the rainy season is around the corner:

1. Always Carry an Umbrella

If you get wet from a sudden downpour, your body temperature can suddenly change, leading to fever and cold. Don’t forget to take your umbrella with you wherever you go so as not to get sick. Not only is it the best rainwear, but it’s also a shield against cough, cold, or fever if you’re stuck on a rainy day.

2. Keep Your Diet High

Eating healthy is the cheapest way to protect yourself from the disease. You can make hot soup to revitalize your body or eat foods high in vitamin C to help boost your immune system and fight off flu and infections. Delicious and healthy food makes rainy days a little warmer.

3. Wash Your Hands well

To avoid colds, coughs, and flu, the best way to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria is to wash your hands regularly. Wash your hands thoroughly by lathering soap between your fingers, under your nails, and the tops of your hands. Then rinse and dry your hands thoroughly too.

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4. Drink Lots of Water

There is nothing like having a hot drink while it is raining outside. Keep your hydration hydrated by drinking 6 to 8 cups of water with a pinch of lemon every day. Warm water activates blood circulation, which leads to a robust immune system that can protect you from infections and allergies.

5. Avoid Commuting During Peak Hours

Heavy rains with possible flooding can make movement difficult. If you have the opportunity to avoid peak congestion times, do so. Avoid the hassle and possibility of getting stuck in a downpour by going out early in the morning or talking to your boss about adjusting your schedule.

6. Have Spare Clothes Ready

Since it’s easy to get wet on rainy days, walking around in wet clothes is like carrying a virus in your body that causes fever and a cold. Avoid this by storing some extra clothing in the office or gym on rainy days.

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7. Keep up to Date with the Weather Updates.

Stay up to date with the latest news and weather forecasts that you can monitor not only on radio and television, but also on social media websites. Follow the accounts that contain useful information about the weather and traffic. These can help you clean up flooded areas and find alternate routes.

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