Best Tips to make Perfume Aroma Last Longer on Clothes


Each of us has at least sometimes wondered how to keep Perfume on clothes longer. Who wouldn’t want to smell good all day long? Wearing your favorite fragrance can certainly help, but you’ve probably noticed that many scents last less long than you’d like.

This is because you are not using your Perfume properly. Not many people know that there are tips for applying scent that will help the smell last longer. First of all, you need to store your Perfume properly, keeping it out of direct sunlight, moisture, and heat as much as probable. Here are some tips for exhausting and storing scent to improve presentation.

How can my Perfume last longer?

The duration of the perfume on your skin does not only depend on the quality of the same smell. Your scent lasts as long as possible; you need to make sure the smell binds as well as possible to the skin. To do this, you need to follow as many instructions as possible which we will list below.

Where to spray Perfume?

Spray Perfume

Moisturize the skin before applying the perfume. The scent should never be applied to dry skin. Dry skin will absorb some odors from the outside environment and weaken your smell. First, apply a neutral scented lotion or body mist to the skin and wait for the skin to absorb it. Then apply the perfume. The lotion helps the scent to adhere better to the skin. Even the last long fragrance leaves a fragrance for a long time after it is applied.

First Perfume, then dressing.

The perfume should be applied before putting on clothes. How long does smell of clothes last, depends on how it mixes with the smell of the fabric softener, material of the clothes, but the scent of perfume? The fragrance smells best and lasts the longest when combined with your body’s natural oils. You don’t want fabric or clothing to interfere with this process. Therefore, apply your Scent directly to the skin.

How to apply?


Apply the perfume to the pulse points. The scent reacts to heat. So when you apply it on the hottest parts of the body, the smell is released. This spreads the scent all over the body and makes it more intense. You probably know these pulse points, we’ll remind you to apply the fragrance on your wrists, behind your knees, behind your ears, on your neck and the inside of your elbows.

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Choose a stronger scent. Some scents, of course, last longer than others. When looking for a perfume, choose one with a bit stronger necessary ingredients, as such a smell will last longer. Make sure to try the fragrance before you buy it, because only then will you know exactly how it reacts on your skin.


Since some perfumes contain substances that stain clothes, how a scent lasts longer on clothes can be a tricky question. However, if you use the tips listed, you will have clean clothes that will smell your favorite scent for a long time.

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