Why do I still feel tired after eight hours of sleep?

hours of sleep


 It is often wrong to sleep eight hours a night. To make things even less so, there are times when you feel sluggish even after getting enough sleep.

The truth is there are many hours to explain that fatigue continues even after the recommended number has passed. One of the simplest clarifications is that your body might need more rest than the average person. However, your fatigue is also likely due to a lack of quality sleep at night, rather than quantity. The things you do before bed can affect the quality of your sleep.

Four thoughts that compel a quality of sleep

hours of sleep
hours of sleep

1. Drink alcohol before bed

Many people mistakenly believe that tips will put you to sleep, but the truth is that alcohol is a big seller of the quantity and quality of sleep you receive. After minor alcohol damage, it is necessary to avoid alcohol to prevent drinking from entering a deep sleep. This is the time when your physique begins to lead and listen to itself.

2. Have a caffeinated drink at the end of the day

Caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, or even sugary drinks like cola can keep your brain up and “buzzing” for up to six hours. Therefore, it is not advisable to drink caffeinated beverages afternoon when trying to optimize your body’s ability to sleep deeply at night.

hours of sleep
hours of sleep

3. Use your digital devices before bed to eight hours of sleep

Staying on personal mobile devices right before bed will hurt the quality of your sleep. This is because it is the control of men who relate to people’s perception. This affects your sleep and inhibits restful sleep.

4. Exercise at the end of the day

Vigorous physical activity before bed can affect the quality of sleep by increasing adrenaline levels, heart rate, and body infection. As a consequence, your body may not be able to reduce enough to enter the restful sleep phase, which is characterized by lower body temperature and a slower heart rate. The more vigorous your exercise, the more likely it is that it will affect your sleep.

When there is something you need to do, stick to less strict activities (such as yoga) and always let yourself cool off.

As you already know, what kinds of possibles can distinguish the quality of your sleep, as the right solution for the reduction of the day in skipping these possibles. If your condition still occurs despite following the policy oversight authority mentioned above, a more subordinate sleep disorder results. This fall, changing yours is not enough, as you will have to meet the essential requirement.

hours of sleep
hours of sleep

Chronic illnesses that make you eight hours of sleep

1. Obstructive snooze apnea

Disruptive sleep apnea is a common problem that affects 1 in 3 Singaporeans and is very damaging to the quality of sleep, causing you to wake up multiple times during the night. People with this condition suffer from airway obstruction during sleep, which temporarily deprives the brain of oxygen and forcing it to wake up suddenly. This can materialize many times during the night without you noticing, and all you have is the tell-tale signs like loud snoring, headache, and lightheadedness in the morning. In the long term, obstructive sleep apnea can lead to life-threatening cardiovascular problems. Therefore, it is essential to get a diagnosis and treatment for this condition as soon as possible.

Treatment: There are medical ailments that help alleviate the problem of airway obstruction, such as B .: B. Soft palate implants are another treatment that reduces the risk of airway obstruction. How it is possible to resort to the lifestyle that includes obstructive sleep apnea. These include losing weight if you are overweight, quitting smoking, and drinking less alcohol.

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