Doing So Will Harden Your Heart

heart attack

Health is excellent luck ” is what everyone has been saying since childhood. But, due to work stress, financial and family problems, many people do not care much about health. As a result, several people are pain from cardiovascular diseases. There is a need for such people to improve their heart function. Experts say that it is not that hard if you follow the small tips. Want to see more?

1. Is it working correctly?

It well known that the average human heart beats 72 times per minute. But, depending on the age and individual health conditions, there is a possibility that it may be a little erratic. But is the it working correctly? If you need to see how many times it beats .put your hand on the nerve at the wrist and count how many times it beats for 15 seconds. Then multiply it by 4 to see how many times your heart beats per minute. For example, suppose your pulse beats 18 times in 15 seconds. Then calculate that your heart is beating 72 times per minute.

2. Practice exercise


Exercise is essential for improving it function. Heart rate is stable in healthy people. Experts also say that heart rate improves in athletes and aerobic practitioners. However, those with health problems advised exercising only on the advice of a doctor. This is because the heart rate increases during exercise. It is life-threatening if it exceeds the limit.

3. Lose weight first

Most people who have heart problems are obese. As the percentage of fat in the body is high, it becomes a barrier to blood circulation. Also, the vessels that supply blood from the heart to the body and from the body to the heart are blocked, which can lead to it attack. Therefore, to improve the functioning of the heart, one should first try to lose weight. Experts say that you should change your eating habits accordingly.

4. Make sure you have potassium

Potassium helps the heart to function properly. So we want to make sure that it is high in the food we eat. Potassium in the blood helps in regulating it rate. Potassium deficiency increases the risk of a sudden increase in heart rate. It is rich in bananas, peanuts, potatoes, tomatoes and flax seeds.

5. Useful for eating fish

Cardiovascular diseases are less common in people who eat more fish. This is because the omega-three fatty acids in fish improve it function. Experts say it is best to take fish at least two to three times a week. Vegetarians advised using at least one omega-3 capsule available at the pharmacy.

6. Reduce stress

Stress is a significant cause of it infection. Doctors claim that if we conquer it, we will get rid of most of the heart problems. Each one follows a tip to reduce stress. Some count the numbers, while others listen to their favourite songs or read books. They say that doing so will bring peace of mind and relieve stress. Research has shown that people with high blood pressure have a higher heart rate.

7. Benefit with yoga


Yoga is a great way to control the body and mind. We often hear that regular yoga practitioners look very calm and healthy. Yoga, however, has long-term benefits. This makes the nerves stronger, and blood circulation is better. Also, all the waste in the body expelled.

8. Get enough sleep

Adequate sleep is essential for a man to live a healthy life. All kinds of problems start with insomnia. When we are asleep, all the limbs are at rest, which lowers the blood pressure and slows the heart rate. The heart that is continually working due to insomnia does not get that little rest. This can lead to a gradual increase in blood pressure. People who sleep less than at least 6 hours are more likely to have it problems. Experts say you need 7 to 9 hours of sleep to stay healthy.

9. It is better to use a fitness tracker

It is good knowledge to use a fitness tracker to monitor your heart rate regularly. It is an electronic device. It actions your heart rate when you are in a normal position as well as exercising. We find that the heart rate is lower during regular exercise and higher during exercise. However, it does warn if the heart rate is too high. Exercising daily using it improves it function.

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