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Publish driveis a self-publishing platform with a global reach offering self-publishing services to independent authors and publishing organizations. Publishing print books, CDs, and eBooks to hundreds of venues worldwide has never been easier. Uploading only one file of your content and cover art will be enough to publish your book. The program then helps you with everything from the layout of your book to its information. There are 400+ shops and 240K libraries in 100+ countries where you may sell your eBook and audiobook editions.

First And Foremost: Is Publish Drive A Reliable Source?

According to the publish drive review, it’s unfortunate, but many people are out there trying to defraud you of your money.

Briefly stated: As a result of the difficulties she had publishing her master’s thesis, Forbes-rated entrepreneur KingaJentetics co-founded the company in 2015.

Google Launchpad, a tool that provides six months of mentorship and money directly from Google, helped the startup. As a result, many experts are confident that they’re a reputable business.

What Is Publish Drive’s Feature Set?

This saves you the time and work of signing up with Publish Drive before you know whether it’s a suitable match.

We may categorize publish drive’s products and services into four main categories:

  • Uploading and Formatting a Book
  • Promoting Products and Solutions
  • Distribution
  • Reports on Payments and Sales

Let’s take a look at the most critical aspects of each of Publish Drive’s four offerings. Each service will be examined in detail to explain how it works from a user’s perspective.

  • Formatting And Uploading A Book 

Publish drive allows you to upload your book, typical of a distribution organization.

According to the publish drive review, the publish drive has added the ability to distribute paperbacks and audiobooks, so keep that in mind. On the other hand, uploading a paperback will set you back an additional fee.

  • Both Docx And Epub Formats May Be Uploaded.

Using a pdf manuscript is discouraged by Publish Drive because of the poor quality of the conversion. My free article is also accessible if you don’t have the time or money to pay for a professional service.

According to the International Digital Book Forum, your ebook must pass the certification procedure.

  • Promotional Products and Services

As you may be aware, many experts are enormous proponents of book promotion! That’s why the emphasis on author promotion is so welcome from Publish Drive.

However, what exactly can you do with them in terms of ebook marketing?

Ads on Amazon’s website Amazon advertising is something we strongly recommend, as you may recall from my free course on the subject. With Publish Drive’s monthly membership, you’ll also receive some Amazon Advertising credits to play around with. This is critical since other Amazon distribution systems will not let you run Amazon adverts if you publish via them.

  • Discounts And Coupons

In the publish drive user environment, you may establish price promotions for the retailers that support this.

  • Copies For Review

You may quickly produce review copies for your upcoming book to get a reasonable notice from the literary community.

Publish drive says it plans to increase its in-service marketing offerings in the future.

  • Marketing And Promotion

Self-publishing companies like Publish Drive make it easy for authors to get their books distributed to various bookshops and receive sales statistics from each outlet.

You may sell your product in several countries and even tailor your price and rights to a specific market.

Customers may buy their books in bookshops around the country via Publish Drive.

  • Reports on Sales and Payments

As a result, many writers find it challenging to retain accurate and valuable sales data.

Fortunately, Publish Drive excels in this area. As you’ll see in a moment, the reporting is excellent, and the user interface is straightforward.

When it comes to earning money with Publish Drive, what are the most important details to know?

To What Extent Is Publish Drive’s Service Free?

You’ll find the cost below for writers, but publishers have other alternatives.

As you can see, here’s how it works:

  • You may now utilize Publish Drive for one of your eBooks at no charge. Non-royalty-shared.
  • Publish drive charges $9.99 and above per month to distribute more than one book in several formats.
  • Your monthly distribution costs will increase as you add more titles to your catalog.
  • For $2.99 per title every month, you may also divide the revenues of joint publishing ventures.

Every new edition of a book, in whatever media, counts as a brand-new title. It was effectively impossible to release your work’s paperback or audiobook edition without incurring additional costs.

You won’t be able to publish a paperback on Publish Drive’s free plan if you do so. The free title distribution plan does not include the dissemination of printed books.

Publishdrive review, What Publish Drive has to offer as an author is now clear, as is what you have to give up in exchange.

To sum it up

Google Play Books encourages you to create an account as quickly as possible to make things as easy as possible. PublishDrive may then publish on your behalf if you allow them permission to do so. You can monitor your revenue, uploads, and changes using PublishDrive. You won’t have to bother with anything behind Google Play Books’ interface if you use the publish drive. There aren’t any additional fees. When your books are sold digitally, only 10% of the digital list price is paid to PublishDrive.

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