Which Ways helps to reduce allergy


Allergies can be understood as the body’s reaction to any kind of external substance. These external substances are generally harmless. Some of the common foreign elements leading to allergy in many people include pollen, dust, insect stings, animal fur, and many more. This condition is more appropriately defined as the abnormal reaction of the immune system to any foreign element. Generally these reactions are the results of defence mechanisms adopted by the immune system when it misjudges any harmless element to any kind of foreign, infectious body.


The reaction is found to be reflected by the body in the form of several symptoms like runny nose, rashes, itchiness, red eyes, and hives. Though the symptoms generally appear in mild form but sometimes in severe cases these allergies can be life threatening. Based on the causes the type of allergies and its symptoms vary. Some of the common types with their causes and symptoms are discussed below.


  • Food allergy: Due to presence of an allergic item in the food in the platter of any allergic person then can result in development of certain symptoms. These signs are hives, mouth, lips, throat, tongue swelling and tingling in mouth.
  • Drug allergy: It can result from the presence of any kind of allergic element in certain medicine. If exposed to such a thing then it can result in rashes, hives, facial swellings, etc.
  • Atopic dermatitis: It is a kind of allergic skin problem as a result of eczema. The common symptoms experienced during it include itchiness, redness and flaking.


Now, let us look at some of the common causes of allergies.

  • Medicines: Penicillin based antibiotics
  • Stings from insects: Stings by bees and wasps
  • Edibles: Edibles like eggs, nuts, fish, soy, and many more
  • Flying allergens: Pollens, dust particles, animal fur, etc


After having known some types and causes of allergies with their specific symptoms, now let us take a look at how to get relief from them and to reduce them when it develops.

  • Stay indoors during breezes: When the season of beautiful breezing arrives try to lock yourself inside your home. The reason is to keep self safe from breathing pollen or getting in contact with insect stings. Also if you live in some dust exposed place then definitely keep your doors and windows shut in case you are allergic to dust particles.
  • Wash everything: Try to arrange some bathing and washing areas just aside or near the entrance of your house. Whenever you reach home from outside do wash your exposed body parts, change your clothes and if needed take bath. These activities will help you get rid of any kind of allergen which may have come along with you.
  • Cover your mouth and nose: Whenever moving out try to keep your mouth and face covered with some mask or covering scarf. This will help you stay away from allergens when around you. Staying masked will prevent the allergens entering your airways, thus preventing 95% of chances of getting symptoms.
  • Consume Vitamin C: With a limited dose of 2000mg/day, intake of vitamin C may help you to alleviate certain symptoms of allergies. It acts as an antihistamine. Vitamin C is considered a very good source of reducing histamine produced by the body as a result of defending allergens.
  • Perform saline nasal irrigation: In this method, you can try to flush your nose with saline water or breathe this water in. Doing this activity will help you clear the mucus from the airways and remove the allergic bacteria or allergen in the way.


All the above mentioned ways are generally helpful in reducing allergies but it may be less effective for those who suffer from extreme allergies. People with extreme allergies may face deadly symptoms even if hospitalization occurs. So, better if you are one of those who suffers from harsh symptoms from your allergens, try to avoid them at the hardest and if somehow exposed try to consult your doctor at the earliest. More important is that you don’t take any medicine by yourself as it may even worsen your condition.

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