What are vitamins? And how do they work?


Vitamins are an essential element of the body. What it does very little in the body, but the scope of its work is much greater. Lack of vitamins can cause serious problems for the body. Let me give you a small example, a lack of vitamin A can reduce your vision and even blind you. Again, a lack of vitamin D can lead to many problems, such as bone loss, bone pain, and weight gain. Vitamin E deficiency can also cause your beautiful hair to fall out and skin diseases to appear, which won’t take long to make your beautiful skin uncomfortable.

What does the vitamin sound like to you?

Now do you need to understand how important vitamins are in the human body? But there are some misconceptions about vitamins with the people of our country. Most of the person thinks that with a physical problem, the body lacks vitamins. Close your eyes and eat vitamin and rice tablets. Again, it shows that when I go to the doctor with some illness, he says: Sir, I present you a vitamin. Even Dr. Babu is forced to write. While I was almost at that doctor, you do not consider another doctor who does not prescribe vitamins. Then the doctor was forced to prescribe some vitamins. I have no objection to this. My point is, what vitamin ingredients do you actually have in the drugs you are taking in the name of vitamins?

The doctor himself does not know the answer to this question. Not you, not the pharmacists, not the representatives of pharmaceutical companies. Occasionally TV reports show that they sell vitamin tablets made from flour from the old Dhaka alleys and Chittagong’s Hazari and sell them for Rs. Which is extremely painful. Buying and playing them will only waste your hard-earned money. Nothing will happen.

So where is the solution ??? There is a solution ??? Yes of course. The main sources of vitamins are fruits and vegetables. Every vegetable and fruit contains almost all types of vitamins and minerals. While no one can guarantee that pharmacy-bought drugs contain vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. You don’t have to be a researcher or a doctor to know. So you can buy fruits and vegetables instead of buying vitamins called tablets with your hard-earned cash. In our country, different vegetables and fruits are available in different seasons. These will meet your body’s need for vitamins, as well as most minerals. An adult will eat 350 to 400 vegetables + fruit every day. Hopefully, there is no vitamin deficiency in your body.

What does the vitamin sound like to you?

Vitamins: The organic nutrients that help the body to grow normally and boost immunity in very small amounts in common foods are called vitamins. Lack of vitamins or nutritional support in the body brings with it a disorder of a variety of diseases or problems. On the other hand, an intake of vitamin A will cause a vision problem.

No vitamin deficiency problems

The lack of any nutrient causes some particular problems in the body, sometimes physical, sometimes mental. Lack of vitamin can lead to hair loss, muscle aches or cramps, various nervous problems, constipation, and even mental exhaustion. Let’s take a look at all of them and the problems or symptoms of vitamin deficiency in the body.

If the skin is cut by a small scratch or wound, it should be clear that the body is deficient in vitamin C. In addition, rough skin problems also occur. Spicy foods can make up for a lack of vitamin C.

Dry or chapped lips are very common in the winter. However, if the body is deficient in vitamin B-12, this problem can occur at any time of the year.

Dandruff means lack of fatty acids in the body. Also, lack of vitamin B causes hair to become rough.

Lack of copper in the body can be a reason for hair maturation at a young age. For this, you can eat copper-rich foods such as almonds, mushrooms, etc.

Even after adequate rest, it taints physical vitality. Intake of vitamin D will cause fatigue throughout the year, even after an adequate amount of fat.

However, in addition to the lack of vitamins, it is a more raised or verified problem for a number of reasons. therefore, you should not buy vitamin supplements from the nearest pharmacy in a hurry. If necessary, I will consult a doctor.

What are the main sources and health benefits of vitamin P?

Vitamin P “is not a group of plant-based substances that you now know how to eat bioflavonoids (you once actually ate vitamin P, a large class of plant compounds found in fruits, vegetables, cocoa, tea, and wine from bright colors) vegetables, you’re selling rice a dose of vitamin P.


Citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, blackberries, red and blue fruits such as strawberries and blueberries are excellent sources of flavanols known as anthocyanins.

Black tea contains flavored catechins and Christine, which help fight hardening of the arteries.

Health Institutions:

Flavonoids are believed to provide numerous health benefits and help prevent heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.

What is Vitamin P? Daily intake of vitamin P

Water-soluble vitamin P, inaugurated relatively recently in 1936 by the American biochemist A.

Gent Gairgi-. Scientists note that ascorbic acid cannot completely cure mashed guinea pigs in patients. Here, added to the treatment of untreated plants, the animal treats the extract.

For this reason, a scientist and others argue that the person fights the diseases and the person recovers more quickly. As a result of the study, this state contains vitamin P, in which it makes a significant difference on the other side (from English permeability – constant). Its name was supposed to be the ability of vitamin A to improve capillary permeability.

A short time later, those who experimented with the nature of the new biologically chemical substances discovered the active ingredient in the composition of the parrot: flavonoids. To date, there are about 150 types of ingredients, including rutin, catechin, anthocyanin, esculin, speridin, and many others.

Bioflavonoids: a sustainability of vegetative origin that is a great advantage and value for the human body.

Vitamin P has many similarities to ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Enter the vitamin are similar not only in biological properties, but they are found in the same food. Vitamin C and P greatly increased the mutual synergistic effect.

Useful properties of the material.

Its composition has several properties due to vitamin P:

  1. The blood vessels and capillaries are strong. Its structure is normalized. The walls of the blood arteries become more elastic, expanding and contracting as needed.
  2. Active ingredients enhance vitamins to improve thyroid function.
  3. Leads to resistance to infection. The body actively fights viruses and various inflammatory processes. Bioflavonoids have antibacterial properties.
  4. A substance in green tea called catechin helps restore the damaged cell structure.
  5. The active substance participates in the formation of glucocorticoids, increases the body’s resistance to many diseases.
  6. Vascular walls and capillary growth are reduced and normal blood pressure is lowered.
  7. Makes the body’s ability to improve blood circulation, which again promotes greater oxygen supply to the brain, reduces fatigue.
  8. Vitamin components prevent bleeding and atherosclerosis.
  9. Routine bleeding fights the gums and nose.
  10. Stimulates and normalizes the activity of the adrenal cortex.
  11. Vitamins of matter, unity on the road and manipulation of the elements.
  12. Has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.
  13. Inhibits both harmful and malignant growth of cancer cells. Therefore, vitamin P ointment drug is not an oncological disease and can only be used simultaneously without replacing chemotherapy, radiation and other traditional treatments for such diseases.
  14. Reduction of intraocular pressure.
  15. Harmful metals and toxic headaches wash away food products and enter the body from the surrounding environment.
  16. The routine has beneficial effects on the entire cardiovascular system, protecting and eliminating cholesterol from the blood vessels.
  17. Bioflavonoids help keep the kidneys in good condition.
  1. Improve acute lymphovenous function, the condition of veins and blood vessels.

The vitamin is so thick that it is prescribed to permanently swell or enlarge. The use of bioflavonoids has greatly ridiculed the risk of hypertension, heart attack, and coronary heart disease. The vitamin P component in skin cells suppresses parrot aging by reducing cell structure.

Vitamin combination

At the same time as vitamin A and vitamin CP, it inhibits the development of cataracts.

Vitamins C and P prevent the degradation of human acids by strengthening the skin cells and bonding it together. Its structure is free and young. In addition, it is acidic, supports the energetic energy of the capillary and ridicules the likelihood of blood and the permeability of skin eruptions.


In addition, vitamin P is used in the treatment of:

Gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;

hypertensive disease;

Permanently swollen or enlarged veins and blood clots in blood vessels

Skin diseases;

hemorrhagic diathesis;




Allergic reactions;



Foods known and accessible to all, for example, do not contain vitamin P for berries and fruits:

Wild Rose;





black currant;





citric fruits;




And also in vegetables and herbs:

Chili pepper;

green buckwheat;



Green salad;





Leaving will lose the green tea.

Note that frozen fruits and vegetables almost completely lose parrot vitamin P. Therefore, they should only be used fresh. The above include routine live beer, vegetable oil, coffee, tea, wine, and egg yolks.

The daily dose of vitamin P.

As for the exact amount in the human body that this vitamin should have, medical opinions differ greatly. The estimated daily dose is 25-70 mg routinely. However, it should be less than half the vitamin C dose.

According to experts, vitamin P can rarely be eliminated from the body by hypervitaminosis, such as a rapid kidney. Therefore, do not overdose the adverse effects. In addition, higher doses of vitamins are recommended for intraocular pressure.

Some experts recommend taking 100 mg of bioflavonoids per 500 mg of ascorbic acid.

Vitamin P deficiency

With a lack of routine observed by a person:

Red rash on the skin

Muscle pain in the legs with the hands when walking on the shoulder;

Excessive fatigue even in the absence of physical exercise;


General fatigue

In addition, the lack of vitamins leads to the formation of small hemorrhages and bruises from the fragility of the walls of the vessels, which leads to respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Flavonoids in the body can cause bothersome edema or brain swelling, such as a head injury.

Lack of vitamin P during pregnancy causes nasal congestion, resulting in a brittle poison. Also, there is a risk of miscarriage at any time. Therefore, all pregnant or pediatric women in the planning stage have vitamin complexes, which contain and use the routine.


This does not include any preparation of products containing vitamin P. These include: “Undevit”, “Dekamevit”, “Complicit”. Rutin is part of the best known medical products: “Ascorutin”, “Quercetin”.

Vitamin P is stored.

Bioflavonoids: quite fickle. In which products it will not be retained, vitamin P degrades as opposed to low temperatures. However, this is not the only factor. Among other things, bioflavonoids and light smoke are destroyed during heat treatment and are also dissolved in water. Therefore, to get enough vitamins, you need to eat raw, unprocessed foods that contain flavonoids. And it is recommended to give up bad habits.

Doctors are advised to have a rule: eat vegetables and herbs with vitamin P, along with meat and fish dishes, at least once a day, every day. And then after a month, it will be more from vitamin deficiency. If you don’t like greens or greens, you can turn to vitamin complexes that include vitamin P in their composition. They should be taken regularly for the body. The single dose will be none.

Fun facts

Ingested in the stomach, vitamin P increases the effect of ascorbic acid 20 times, thus protecting it from oxidation. In addition, the body contributes to the accumulation of vitamin C, which helps to avoid vitamin deficiencies even in winter.

Vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs, which contain bioflavonoids, have a non-bright color that will attract the insects used. In addition, these plants are protected from pests, parasites, fungi and bacteria.

After all, having grasped the knowledge of the facts, there is no need for anyone else, no animal will have doubts about the importance of vitamin P, vitamins and the useful list of useful properties, however, the lack of anyone else on the vitamin level. . Say why I will harm the body.

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