How to Make Chapstick in Bulk

Chapstick in Bulk

Making chapstick in bulk can be fun and productive.  Many people make chapstick to sell, give as homemade gifts, or just to let their creative juices flow. When you make your own chapstick, you can develop unique recipes and flavor combinations. Use this step-by-step guide for the best tips and tricks on how to make bulk chapstick quickly and easily.

How to Make Chapstick in Bulk

Choose a Recipe

The first thing that you need to do is decide on which chapstick recipe to make. There are so many recipes for lip balms that it can be overwhelming to narrow down your options. It’s recommended that you start with a basic chapstick recipe. From there, you can decide to add in or substitute ingredients depending on your preferences.

Gather Your Supplies

The next thing that you need to do when you are making chapstick in bulk is to gather all of your supplies together. Just like when you are cooking a dinner recipe, it is a good idea to have your ingredients measured out and your equipment handy.


The specific ingredients you use will depend on the recipe you chose and any variations made. Common chapstick recipes call for the preferred carrier oil, beeswax, and solid butter. You can also choose to add optional ingredients. Optional ingredients can help you add color or flavor to your chapstick.

When you choose ingredients for your chapstick, make sure they are labeled as “food grade certified” or lip safe. Additionally, you will want to be careful with any ingredients that are common allergens. Make sure to list your ingredients on your label.

When you measure out your recipe’s ingredients you might have to double, or even triple, the recipe. The amount of lip balm that you will need to make will depend on two factors. Number one, how much lip balm each container holds, and number two, how many containers you want to fill during this batch.

Once you have all of your ingredients gathered together, go ahead and measure them out into the amount that you will need. This will make your chapstick-making process go smoothly. Next, gather your suggested equipment.

Suggested Equipment

There isn’t a lot of equipment needed when making chapstick in bulk, but it is a good idea to gather all of your supplies together. The equipment you need to make lip balm includes:

  • Measuring cups
  • Premeasured ingredients
  • Heatproof bowl
  • Pot of water for double boiler
  • Hot pot holders or mitts
  • Heatproof spoon or spatula
  • Lip balm filling tray
  • Chapstick tubes, jars, or tins

When you have all of your equipment handy you won’t be scrambling during the chapstick-making process.

Create Your Chapstick

Once all of your ingredients have been measured out and your supplies are handy it’s time to create your chapstick! Each recipe might vary slightly in how to melt the ingredients together, but they tend to follow the same process.

Follow these steps to create your chapstick:

  1. Begin by making a double boiler with your pot of water and your heatproof bowl. Your heat can be set to low for chapstick-making.
  2. While the water is warming up, prepare your chapstick tubes. Place open tubes in the lip balm filling tray to help make filling the tubes easy. Skip this step if you are not using chapstick tubes.
  3. When the double boiler is ready, add the main ingredients from your recipe to the heatproof bowl. Gently stir everything together. If needed, increase your heat to medium so that the ingredients mix together completely.
  4. Once everything has melted together, carefully remove the heatproof bowl with your hot pot holder and oven mitts.
  5. Next, add in your additional ingredients and thoroughly combine.
  6. Pour your chapstick mixture into the chapstick tubes or other containers. Allow the chapstick to cool before removing the tubes from the filling tray.
  7. Close the tube by placing the lid on it then label the chapstick.
  8. Finally, if you are selling chapstick, seal the tube with plastic and a heat gun.

Now you have made a batch of bulk chapstick. The fun doesn’t have to stop here, you can experiment with your chapstick and the chapstick-making process.

Experiment with Your Chapstick

Over time, as you become more experienced in making chapstick in bulk, you will develop your own methods for what works best for you. Don’t be scared to try different things.

For example, if you don’t want to make a double boiler, try using a microwave-safe bowl. Slowly heat the ingredients together in your microwave. Stir the mixture every 30 seconds to one minute. Each time you stir, you will have the opportunity to make sure the heat isn’t too high and the mixture isn’t overheating.

Enjoy Your Bulk Chapstick

Once you have made your first batch of chapstick, you can expect the process to get easier every time you make more. Have fun with the chapstick you make by changing the oils, flavors, and colors you choose. Get creative with new recipes and use the feedback from your customers or friends for your next recipe idea.

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